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About us

  • General introduction
    Information Technology sector is developing dramatically all over the world, which is an opportunity for the young to realize dreams. VZOTA is established with the hope of providing Vietnamese as well as international enterprises with best technology products and with best satisfaction.
    Being founded in 2015 on a basis of experienced software engineers working together to outsource for foreign projects. VZOTA has become one of the leading companies providing software solutions and mobile applications in Vietnam. Thanks to many years of experience, skills and professional working environment, outstanding management as well as commitments to customers, we have been best satisfying millions of customers. It is customer satisfaction that helps VZOTA have rapid, solid progress over the past 2 years.

     VZOTA provides software solutions according to international standards and implements successfully software projects with the high complexity for many partners and customers. We have a variety of software solution services:  

    Developing for a specific part, function, period
    Developing and maintaining according to requirements of proposal
    Supporting customers to maintain software system through fixing bug and updating new features or developing a new software

    Significant cost cutting without reducing the effectiveness of IT strategy. 
    Predictability, transparency and accountability
    Optimized services for particular demands
    Access to advanced technology through services of VZOTA

    VZOTA is a group of people pooling ideas, knowledge and efforts together to build a leading company specializing in IT services, advanced technology solutions. We aim at providing best IT services for individuals, organizations in Vietnam and other countries, making contribution to the Vietnamese development in global knowledge economy.
    VZOTA is the provider of general IT services as well as hi-tech solutions. With the principle “LET’S DECIDE THE FUTURE”, we create a professional working environment for employees and bring advanced technology solutions and best services to customers. We also focus on increasing the value for shareholders and taking responsibility for the society.
    Business principles 
    Concentrating to exploit the power of IT knowledge in order to enhance the global competitiveness of Vietnamese enterprises and organizations.
    Cooperating to succeed in each project.
    Making great efforts to create high quality IT services being able to complete at a global scale.
    Core values
    For company: staff is the most valuable asset; innovation creates our brand; Perfect service is a core part making our professionalism.
    For employees: Unity, dedication, enthusiasm and creativity.
    For customers: providing best technology solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction in each smallest detail of product.

    Vzota Technology Joint Stock Company
    Head Office: Room 3A3, C6/D6 Cau Giay New Urban Area, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam 
    Office add: 29/13 Yen The St., Ward 2, Tan Binh Dist., HoChiMinh, Vietnam
    Email: contact@vzota.com.vn
    Tel: +84 (24) 32727666 * +84 (24) 3837 8666